The Power of Community

Churchill Falls141s
No matter what brings you to Churchill Falls—work, pleasure or adventure—you will always feel at home. Our residents take great pride in their community and it resonates with all who find themselves at our doorstep. It won’t be long before you receive a wave “hello” and a smile that says “welcome” as you explore our beautiful town.

With a population of approximately 650 residents, we are a thriving community with dozens of organizations, groups and clubs who are committed to providing quality recreational, leisure and volunteer activities for all ages and interests to enjoy.

Warmth and welcome is found in every corner of our quaint little town, but most importantly, you will find it in the hearts of the people who make Churchill Falls the kind, generous and friendly community that it is.

Here, people are family, and are also proud, hardworking and dedicated employees of one of the largest underground hydro facilities in the world, which is operated by Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro. You see, we are a true company-owned town where the company we work for also operates and manages our community. We are truly unique—and proud of it.

Whether you’re a longtime resident, one of our newest neighbour’s, or are here to experience the beauty of Labrador, you will surely feel the Power of Community.