Allergy Guidelines

Food allergies can be a very serious medical condition, and in some cases, life-threatening. For the safety of participants and staff who have allergies, the following foods are not permitted at the program:

  • No nuts of any type. This includes peanut butter and any product that could have traces of nuts or could have potentially come in contact with nuts and/or nut products during production.
  • No fish or shellfish of any type.
  • No yogurts, puddings, fruit drinks or any other food that may contain banana, nuts, tree nuts or shellfish.
  • No bananas
  • No Kiwi

This list could change anytime dependent on new registrations.

If your child has eaten foods that may contain any of these ingredients, please ensure they wash their hands and brush their teeth before attending the program.

We encourage families to discuss the importance of not sharing snacks and the potential dangers of doing so.

Printable Summer Program Allergy Guidelines


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