Composting Misconceptions

Before you dismiss composting, here are 4 misconceptions that might just surprise you.



Composting attracts wildlife, rodents, and pests – FALSE

Composting units attract unwanted visitors usually when the owner isn’t following proper composting guidelines such as using the unit as a “catch all” for waste or adding meat or   bones. Adding items not recommended for composting units has a high potential to create odours. It is this practice that attracts animals and pests.

Composting is too much work – FALSE

Composting is not hours of shoveling and turning soil, in fact, it takes just a few minutes to turn compost, and even quicker if you have a tumbler model. Composting isn’t a daily chore and just takes a few minutes every couple of days to maintain and manage.

Composting just smells! – FALSE

Composting units do not emit odour if the unit is set-up and used properly. Unpleasant smells usually occur when non-compostable materials are added such as meat, bones, or dairy associated materials. This misconception of odour is probably because compost piles are sometimes viewed as a garbage heap so it is assumed it will act like one, which is not the case at all.

I have no use for compost – FALSE

Everyone has use for compost. Remember, compost is not dirt; it is organic feed for your yard or garden. And you can always offer it to a neighbor or someone you know who has a vegetable garden—no trouble finding a gardener in Churchill Falls!