July 1 Events & Activities

As we acknowledge Canada Day, we will, most importantly, take time to reflect on the recent tragedies in Residential Schools across our country, to honour our indigenous communities.

Here are some ways we can all honour and support our Indigenous communities.

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Reflection & Flag Raising/Lowering Ceremony @ 12 noon.

Town Center Flag Pole. Please park in the turn-around area and remain in, or near your vehicle

* Participants to arrive at the Town Center Parking Lot in their vehicle
* If the participant requires some decorations they must where a mask and retrieve it from the table provided.
*The parade follows a route around town and ends up at the road in front of the flags.
*Participants are to remain socially distanced from other participants at their vehicles.
*Presenters will be at the flag poles socially distanced.
*Only one microphone user allowed unless the microphone is turned off and disinfected first.

Family Oympics@1 to 4:30 pm.

Sign-up on Lobstick Street. Teams are required to consist of one child (under 16) & one adult (16+) for team scoring.

* Participants will sign up at the Canada Day Weekend Registration Center. Participants are to socially distance as they approach the officials. Once all registrations are complete, they will be  assigned a certain event to start the competition from.
*Participants will follow the rules of the event station and have their times/ score recorded.
*The participant will be directed to the next station and equipment will be sanitized for the next user.

Candy Prize BINGO @ 6 pm @ Curling Club

Sign-up at Curling Club

* Cards will be cleaned prior to giving them to participants.
* Tables and chairs will be sanitized before and after the event and placed is designated socially distanced locations.
* Staff will bring the candy to the winner and check the card.
* Players must remain seated except to use the washrooms.
* No sharing of candy.
* Max for Candy Bingo is 30 persons.