July 3 Activities & Events

As we acknowledge Canada Day, we will, most importantly, take time to reflect on the recent tragedies in Residential Schools across our country, to honour our indigenous communities.

Here are some ways we can all honour and support our Indigenous communities.

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Scavenger Hunt 

Event hosting by the Churchill Falls Library. Please contact the Library for details by emailing here.

* Participants must follow all the COVID-19 rules provided by the Library Staff through Library pre-registration
* Teams must be made from Family Bubbles/ School Cohorts.
* Each team will be given there own hunt list and will operate in their bubbles.
* Found items will be dropped off at the library drop off box and sanitized prior to opening.
* Prize to winners to be dropped off by the Library staff person.

Amazing Race @ 4 to 6 pm Curling Club Parking Lot

Click here for registration and details.

* Participants are to pre register as per advertisements.
* Meeting at Canada Day Weekend Registration Center for instructions, must wear mask at this time.
* Participants ask to go to starting points and remain socially distanced.
* At the end (in the curling club) masks will be required.

Movie Night @ the Soccer Field

Movie will begin at dark. Audience will choose given choice of movie.

* Campers will be assigned camp spots from Canada Day Weekend Registration Center on Lobstick Street.
* Campers should remain socially distanced at all times and where not possible, masks should be worn.
* Camper owners are requested not to allow shared use of their bathroom facilities.
* Portable washroom facilities will be available for those staying in tent.
* No mixed meals outside of your bubble.
* Tent users will be assigned pre marked camp sites. Users are asked to not allow people outside your bubble to enter the tent.

* Movie goers are to stay in their bubbles and spread 6 feet apart.
* People setting up the movies are to wear their masks at all times.
* Secondary location is gymnasium, masks will be required until seated and socially distanced.
* Max for indoor movie night is 60 persons.