Summer Recreation Program – Family Information (1)

Our Summer Recreation Program provides an opportunity for children to play actively, master new skills, and build new friendships in a safe environment with caring staff. The programs we offer target the developmental needs of primary and elementary age children. Our programs value diversity and inclusion of all individuals within the capacity and qualifications of our program staff.
Our programing is based on the HIGH FIVE® philosophy for healthy child development.

Our program is created for participants from Grade 1 to Grade 7. Entry level for the program is designed for children who have completed Kindergarten, which has provided children with the opportunity to develop independence in a structured, full day environment, setting them up for success in a day camp program that is longer than the typical school day.

Locations Ages Leader to Child Ratio
Curling Club (Upstairs) Grades 1-3 1:6
Curling Club (Downstairs) Grades 4-7 1:8

Program activities focus on physical activity, fundamental movements, and creative exploration with an emphasis on daily outdoor play. A typical week includes:
Zone play (Imagination, Building, Active and Quiet) | Outside & Gym Play | Arts & Crafts | Field Trips | Swimming

Our staff are high school graduates and post-secondary students whose training levels, along with staff numbers, limit our ability to provide specific individualized provisions or one-on-one support.
We are committed to working with families to ensure every child has the opportunity to participate in our program. Should individualized provisions or one-on-one support be required, we encourage families to begin conversations with our Summer Program Coordinator prior to registration to discuss options. Some options may include families providing independent one-on-one support.

Examples of support Summer Program Staff are unable to provide:
• Personal care (e.g., toileting, hygiene).
• Feeding.
• Extreme behavioral issues (e.g., aggressive behavior that compromises the safety of the participant, other participants, and/or staff).
• One-on-one individualized support or supervision.
• Specific individualized care or provisions that fall outside the training and qualifications of our Summer Program Staff.

We understand there could be times when a child experiences occasional accidents such as toileting incidents. Our staff will determine if the participants are developmentally ready to attend to themselves and change their clothing independently. If so, they may do so with staff encouragement. If not, the guardian will be called to come to the site to provide the personal care required.

Email is our primary method of communication with families. Please ensure to check your email regularly for updates.
Bulletin/White Boards at each site will also have program information posted, however, it may not always reflect unexpected changes to schedules or activities shared through email.
Absence & Late Arrivals: If your child is going to be absent or late, please contact our Program Coordinator.
Absence: Knowing a child will be absent removes any uncertainty of whether to expect the child to arrive. This also helps us to plan activities accordingly.
Late Arrivals: Knowing that a child will be late arriving ensures we are prepared and expecting their late arrival.


If a participant requires prescription medication administered during the program, it must be in its original container with the physician’s instructions on the label. Please ensure you provide all relevant information on your child’s registration form. Summer Program Staff will not administer over-the-counter medication.

Food allergies can be a very serious medical condition, and in some cases, life-threatening. For the safety of participants and staff who have allergies, please review this list of restricted foods.

Participants must stay home if they feel sick (fever, sore throat, cold symptoms, headache, diarrhea, vomiting).


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