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Tour the Churchill Falls Generating Station

Thank you for visiting our underground tours section.

We are working to resume our underground tours of the Churchill Falls Generating Station in the near future but do not have a confirmed date yet. We will update this page once the status of their resumption is known. Please keep checking back for updates.

If you have any questions, we invite you to connect with us at [email protected]

The Churchill Falls Generating Station is one of the largest underground hydroelectric powerhouses in the world, providing clean, renewable energy to millions of consumers throughout North America. Eleven turbines harness the power of the massive Churchill River, with a generating capacity of 5,428 megawatts.

Local Scenic Attractions

The Falls & Walking Trail
The Walking Trail to The Falls is approximately 17 km west of Churchill Falls. It is located immediately after Brinco Bridge where you can take a 20-minute walk along the trail to see the Falls. It is advised to bring noise makers such as bells or whistles to alert wildlife of your presence. The trail is unsupervised and users assume all risks.
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The Churchill River & Family Picnic Area
For many residents and visitors alike, this area of the Churchill River is an enjoyable pastime for fishing and water sports such as boating and kayaking. Or, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic view.

Please be aware that water levels on the Churchill River can fluctuate at any given time during the year. If planning a boating trip along the river always plan with safety in mind.

Blueberry Lake
Unsupervised beach where residents and visitors can canoe, kayak, or just enjoy a beautiful summer day at the beach with family and friends.

Beware of wildlife

Labrador is home to an abundant array of beautiful, but wild animals. While we continue to live harmoniously together, there are some animals that are seen in and around our community that you should be aware of. And remember … it is never a good idea to feed wildlife. To report nuisance wildlife after-hours please call (709) 280.3747.

Black Bears
blackbearBlack bears are common in and around the Churchill Falls area and throughout Labrador. They are usually present during the summer and fall months. While black bear attacks are extremely rare, it’s important to always remember they are wild animals who can be very dangerous. Please respect them and their environment.

For more information and safety tips if you encounter a black bear click here


foxFoxes can be seen throughout the Churchill Falls area year-round. These animals are usually fairly timid and rarely show signs of aggression. According to the Canadian Wildlife Association, healthy foxes pose no threat to people. However, foxes can carry diseases such as rabies which can cause them to become aggressive. Please respect them and their environment.

For more information about Newfoundland & Labrador foxes please click here

Emergency & Medical Services

For a list of hospitals, clinics, fire, police, and rescue operations available in Churchill Falls, click here.