FAQ’s: Household Garbage

1. Why do we need to use clear bags for household waste?

Using clear bags provides us the ability to ensure households are following recycling guidelines. Our community recycling program would not be successful if recycling materials continued to be placed with household garbage and discarded in our landfill. 

2. What happens if recycling materials are in with household garbage? 

The first time recycling materials are mixed with your household garbage we will collect it and leave a reminder tag on your bin. The tag will remind you to separate recycling materials. If guidelines are not followed the next collection day, we will be unable to collect your garbage.  

3. What is a privacy bag?

We respect your privacy and want to ensure our residents continue feeling comfortable with discarding private, personal waste. This bag is to help give you assurances of privacy. It is a non see-through bag for private waste that you would prefer collection staff not see. 

4. Why is only one privacy bag allowed per collection day?

It is important to ensure our community recycling program is successful. To run at its best, clear bags for household garbage assists us in our efforts to divert recycling materials from our landfill. Exceeding the allowance of more than one privacy bag increases the chances of recycling materials making their way to our landfill.  

5. How will collection staff know if my household has more than one privacy bag in our garbage bin?

The town’s waste collection truck is equipped with a video camera in its chute. The collection staff  will observe bin contents as they are being emptied to determine the number of privacy bags.    

6. What will happen if my household has more than one privacy bag on collection day?

The first time more than one privacy bag is observed in your bin we will collect your garbage and will leave a reminder tag for you. The next collection day we will check your bin to ensure the presence of one privacy bag. If more than one privacy bag is seen, the garbage will not be collected and another reminder tag will be left for you. Your bin will not be emptied during future collections until one privacy bag is present.  

7. Can I have several smaller privacy bags rather than one regular size? 

There is a one privacy bag limit per household up to regular size garbage bag (65.1 cm x 82.5 cm). If you have several smaller privacy bags, we suggest you place them inside your regular size privacy bag. 


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