FAQ’s: Mixed Paper & Corrugated Cardboard


1. Our household produces a lot of mixed paper and/or corrugated cardboard. Could the town provide a drop-off location for residents to use in between recycling days?

We understand that a drop-off location could be a convenient option for residents with an abundance of recycling materials; however, such a location would decrease the ability to ensure proper sorting and clean streams of materials. This could result in recyclables being rejected and ultimately becoming landfill waste. For these reasons, there will be no alternative to curbside pick-up.
We will be monitoring the amount of recycling collected to help us determine if our pick-up frequency is appropriate for our community. We will certainly increase the frequency should we see the need.

2. Can food soiled cardboard be recycled?

Generally it is not. For example, the bottom portion of a take-out pizza box with a large amount of grease, sauce etc., would most likely not be recyclable but the top portion of the box with a small amount of grease could be recycled. Rule of thumb would be that if the food soiled area is no bigger than the size of a toonie, then it is acceptable.

3. What is box board?

Box board is the material of which cereal boxes are made.


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